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We live in Northern Ireland and have been inspired by teaching primary and secondary school children to make their own websites.

So, we wrote a book and made a website to teach pupils how to use HTML and CSS code.

Now everyone can be a web genius!

Books and Resources

here are the books and resources we have on offer:

 Go Berserk making websites (paperback) 

 Go Berserk on a Mac making websites: (paperback book)  |   (ebook for iBookstore)

 Go Berserk making more websites with CSS (paperback)

  NEW!!  Go Berserk making websites BBC Videos (online videos) 

  COMING SOON!!  Go Berserk making websites (app for iStore)

 Resources: Go Berserk Lesson Plans | Common HTML Mistakes 

Go Berserk making websites paperback
Make It Digital Videos
online videos
Go Berserk making websites
iStore app
Go Berserk making more webpages with CSS
CSS book

Current Plans

At the moment, we are writing more books on HTML, Javascript and how to make apps using Java. We hope these will be available by early next year.

Future Plans

We hope to write more books, e-books and apps (similar to what we have done with the HTML series) to teach children how to make their own Mobile Applications, and how to program in computer languages like Java, VB.NET, PHP and Python.

Go Berserk in the Press

Here are press releases about Go Berserk:

Wellington College win the Allstate Young Software Engineers team award for 2016 for key stage 3 (Wellington College, 10/3/16)
Go Berserk Belfast Telegraph site
Girls can fill 1000 coding jobs says Go Berserk Creator (Belfast Telegraph, 1/9/15)
Go Berserk Schools Scheme Teaches Young Children Skills in computing and the Tele's helping (Belfast Telegraph, 31/8/15)
Free make-your-own-website booklets with your Belfast Telegraph 2nd-4th September (Belfast Telegraph, 26/8/15)
Kids go berserk for coding workshops at local libraries (NI Chamber of Commerce, 17/6/15)
Computer code stars input their formula for success (Belfast Telegraph, 6/5/15)
Children get with the programme and master the codes essential for digital age (Belfast Telegraph, 24/2/15)
The fantastic project born in Belfast that turns kids into IT experts (Belfast Telegraph, 20/2/15)
Free make-your-own-website booklets (Belfast Telegraph, 18/2/15)
Kainos CTO Tom Gray (and Go Berserk's Ian Simons) will present SXSWEdu (Kainos, 20/1/15)
Women in IT initiative (OTech Magazine, 20/8/14)
Digital Heroes Former Winner Gareth McAleese on working with the US Embassy to inspire kids on HTML (Daily Mirror, 5/7/14)
Pass IT on (Inkpellet, 9/13)
´╗┐Award winning book Go Berserk receives official accreditation (Allstate, 9/13)
Digital Heroes Regional Winners Announced (Daily Mirror, 20/9/13)
Ian Simons on Radio Ulster (Radio Ulster, 27/11/13)
Cochrane to launch Go Berserk computing science book at Stormont (Alliance, 15/5/12)

What people are saying about us

Here some things that people have said about Go Berserk:


Patrice Gans, teacher and CSTA K-8 representative, who used our book in classes of 8, 9 and 10 year olds.

I was amazed at their enthusiasm. The fact that they could create a website and then share the information with their families, friends, and even virtual strangers via the Internet, was a very powerful motivator. They couldn't wait to get started. And even when they encountered challenges along the way, their sense of accomplishment never wavered.

Computer Science Teachers Association newsletter, April 2013.


Tracey Regan, B.Ed. student, Stranmillis College, Belfast

The Go-Berserk Programming Course was extremely interactive, informative, fun and surprisingly easy (from a novice programmer point of view) to follow and use. I have already planned how I would teach this in a classroom! One of the best and worthwhile courses I have attended.

John Hughes, B.Ed. student, Stranmillis College, Belfast

It was with no previous experience of computer programming or web design that I came to the Go Berserk training day. Starting from the very beginning, we were introduced to key technical terms ..by using the excellent book produced by the guys at Go Berserk, we were able to build a website from scratch. ...I know that what I learned will be put to good use in the classroom!

business and government

Stephen Farry, MLA, Minister for Department of Education and Learning, Stormont Parliament, Belfast

[This is a] very useful addition... to encourage more people to consider Computer Science.. as a career. Interaction with young people is critical. This book will go a long way to encourage more and more people to consider [Computer Science as a career].

(speaking at Go Berserk's launch in May 2012)

Stephen Farry, MLA

Peter Robinson, MLA, First Minister, Northern Ireland

This is the best form of education...something fun.
It isn't just primary and secondary school teachers we need to get this book to, but those who have decided that there is no future for them..to encourage them that they have a second chance.
To young people here, you have excellent opportunities...if I hadn't been a politician this is definitely the kind of job I would have been looking for, somehting in Computer Science.
I really do hope [Go Berserk] gets the response, not just from the children because the children will respond, but from the educators.

(speaking at Go Berserk's launch in May 2012)

Peter Robinson, MLA


Olly (aged 11), from theollybookblog.com

This is makes HTML Website Coding really simple, if you don't get what HTML is then please click here.
The book is really light to go through and not difficult at all and any person who is 8+ should easily understand this. There are also other books in the series such as Go Berserk making websites with Javascript etc.
The one thing I will say is that even though it works with any windows version, the authors use Windows XP in the book while the newest ones are obviously 7 and 8. The code used is HTML 4 and CSS 2, The newest out however is HTML 5 and CSS 3. So apart from a few program updates this book is great!

See the review online here.


Mrs. Mommy Booknerd, from mrsmommybooknerd.blogspot.co.uk gave us this review of the Go Berserk making websites with HTML and CSS book:

OK, so I kinda have been using this book myself!

I love to see all the tips and explanations for building a website! As my boys get older they are going to love creating a website on their own. They want to have a blog like Mommy, so this book will prove to be very valuable!
For kids 8 and older this book breaks down the know how into an easy to follow and easy to read format. It helps how many pictures accompany the instructions because we know that we learn so much faster with visual cues!

I cannot wait to create a website with my boys!!!
4/5 stars

educational reports

Irene Bell and Ian Simons (2013) Teaching Coding to KS2 and KS3 Pupils

You can see the full report here or an executive summary here.
citation: Bell, I. and Simons, I. (2013) Teaching Coding to KS2 and KS3 Pupils, Stranmillis University College, Belfast.

Irene Bell and Ian Simons from Stranmillis University College authored an academic report on the effect of Go Berserk in primary and secondary schools in Northern Ireland. 6 primary schools, 3 secondary schools and 1 Learning Centre (which were chosen to be representative of all socio-economic groups in Northern Ireland) were given copies of the Go Berserk book to teach to classes.

The report concludes:

School managers and teaching staff involved unanimously agreed that the project was effective. It provided them with a unique and successful experience across a range of areas and delivered the school with a boost and a different perspective on thinking in developing ICT within their school planning....Frequently staff were amazed at the achievements of the pupils, their creativity and level of engagement. The web pages produced by the pupils demonstrated not only comprehension of the work undertaken at a surface level but at a level sufficiently deep that pupils applied transferrable skills and knowledge. The majority of pupils were able to understand the learning within the resources and apply it to their own chosen theme. This research has demonstrated that learning to code unlocks creativity and builds confidence in pupils regardless of age, gender or background.

Other findings from the report included:

Pupil responses to participating in the project were overwhelmingly positive, expressing difficulties in coding that demonstrated understanding and learning. They recounted an experience that raised their confidence and opened new avenues of knowledge and career exploration. This generation that cherishes instant feedback and affirmation of their actions responded positively to a coding system that gave an instant response when the 'refresh' button was hit.

Responses from the staff indicated that 'relatively speaking', the attainment of the lower ability pupils was particularly strong. Work from the pupils in this category clearly demonstrated that coding is feasible for all academic levels. Pleasing results were also achieved in an 'Education other than school' setting with staff there expressing support for the outcomes of the project very positively.

Findings indicate that the pilot study not only raised career aspirations for the children but in bringing their work home also engaged the parents and triggered their own aspirations for a career in IT ...Schools fully understood how this work was integral to the CCEA (2012) UICT, Desirable Features element within the curriculum. They reported their intentions to re-evaluate their planning with a view to incorporating this aspect of coding and more.

See more comments here and see our sponsors and supporters.

Our Awards

Here are the awards we have won or been nominated for this year. To find out more see the Go Berserk News page

DANI Awards e-Learning nomination                               Business Achievers Award TalkTalk Digital Heroes NI shortlisted
Learning Awards Finalist Learning Awards Bronze Winner
Blackboard Awards
Best Idea from a Postgraduate student  Best Overall Business Idea

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