Advanced Internet Facts

Try the quiz from the CSS book, or check your answers!

  1. What year was the first website put online?

  2. When did the English town of Argleton vanish from Google Maps?

  3. Who did Ted Leonosis sned the first Instant Message to?
    A. his wife
    B. himself
    C. the whole office
    D. his work colleague

  4. Which day is the best day to post a Facebook post?

  5. What were the search engines Jughead and Veronica named after?
    A. their inventors
    B. pets
    C. Archie
    D. comic book characters

  6. What was the first picture on the Internet about?
    A. a comedy girl band
    B. a coffee machine
    C. a computer
    D. a car

  7. How many email accounts are there?
    A. 1 billion
    B. 2 billion
    C. 3 billion
    D. 7 billion

  8. Who sent the first email from space?
    A. no one yet
    B. the Atlantis shuttle crew
    C. Laika the dog
    D. no one knows

  9. What time do most people start retweeting?
    A. a early in the morning
    B. during lunch
    C. in the evening
    D. late at night

  10. Who sponsored the first internet advert?

  11. Which day is the best day to put Technology pictures on Pinterest?
    A. Monday
    B. Tuesday
    C. Wednesday
    D. any day

  12. What was the first search engine called?

  13. What is the maximum length of a CSS class name?
    A. 10 characters
    B. 50 characters
    C. a 100 characters
    D. there is no limit

  14. When was the first email sent?

  15. What was Javascript called first?

  16. What does HTML stand for?

  17. What is the em width based on?
    A. a metre
    B. the letter M in printing
    C. a millimetre
    D. the E major scale

  18. How many versions of CSS are there?

  19. When was the lorem ipsum speech given?

  20. Out of every 10 emails how many are spam?

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