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Why get this certificate?

There are huge worldwide opportunities in programming computers. You can make websites, games and apps, and more, and you can do it as a career, to earn extra money, or just for fun!

The Make Code Work 4 U certificates show to future employers and the world that you have real skills in programming, that the digital world is really looking for.

At Go Berserk we believe children (and adults) should learn programming as early as possible, so our certificates are open to everyone!

You can make a real impact on a global scale with a great idea and some coding skills.

Make Code Work 4 U certificates will help get your programming skills recognised!

How to get certified

  1. create your website and get someone you know (a teacher or trainer) to check it as follows:
    1. check the things you need to include in your website to get the certification you want.
      Checklists for all the certifications are available here.
      For example, the checklist for the HMTL Level 1 certification can be downloaded here.

    2. create a website demonstrating that you have the skills for the level of your certification

    3. have someone you know, for example a teacher or trainer, check that you have completed all the things that you need on the certification's checklist

  2. complete an application for your certificate as follows:
    1. download the application here
    2. fill in all the information, including your details and your teacher or trainer's contact details
    3. return the application by email to Aspire Training. Contact details for Aspire Training are here

  3. submit your website files to Aspire Training by emailing them to
    or by uploading them using the upload page as follows:
    (more details, including how to zip your website, are downloadable here):
    1. visit
    2. enter your Name and Email address in the required field
    3. click Choose File to search for the file/folder on your computer.
      If you are looking to create a Zipped folder containing more than one student’s work, please see instructions here
    4. once you have selected your files or folder to upload, click Submit Work.
      You will see the list of selected files or the folder
    5. Click Submit Work again to submit the files
    6. Your work is now submitted and you should see the message "Your work has been sent successfully. Thanks" to confirm it has been sent

  4. pay the fee for the certification you want. Details of costs are shown here. Please pay using one of these options:
    • go to the Make Code Work 4 U site at
    • pay by BACS using the following details:
        Bank: DANSKE BANK
        Name: USEL
        Sort Code: 95 01 45
        Account Number: 11034073
    • pay by cheque by making it payable to "USEL" and forwarding it to this address:
        Make Code Work 4 U
        Aspire Training
        182-188 Cambrai Street
        BT13 3JH

  5. if you pass, a certificate will be sent to your teacher or trainer.
    The passmark is 80%

Frequently Asked Questions are available here.

Good luck!


You can get certificates showing different levels of expertise. At the moment we are offering certificates in:
- HTML level 1: based on the material in Go Berserk book 1 (Go Berserk making websites with HTML and CSS)
- HTML level 2: based on the material in Go Berserk book 2 (Go Berserk making more websites with CSS)


At the moment we are offering the certificate in HTML and CSS. In the near future we will be offering the certificates in different areas of coding, such as Javascript, PHP and Scratch:
- Area 1 shows a level of competence in one area of coding
- Area 2 shows that you have attained a level of competence in two areas of coding.

This pick and mix approach allows skill sets to be tailored to the needs and interests of each person.

Certificate Details

AreaLevelCostCheck listbased on
HTML1£16available hereGo Berserk making websites with HTML and CSS
HTML2£16coming soonGo Berserk making more websites with CSS


Here are some frequently asked questions. These are also available for download here. If you have any further questions on the certificate process, please contact Aspire Training NI. Contact details are here.

How long does it take for us to receive a certificate?

Generally once all documentation has been received by us, certificates are usually processed within 7 days. Documentation will be processed quicker if submitted via email.

What is the pass mark for a certificate?

The pass mark is 80%.

What happens when the documents are forwarded to Aspire?

Once we receive all documents for a certificate application we will then verify the student's work, allocate marks to each requirement and award a grade to the student. If the pass mark has been reached we will then process a certificate.

What happens if a student does not achieve the 80% pass mark?

If a student does not reach the 80% pass mark then they will not be awarded a certificate.
You can however make a new application for certificate if the student has completed the course again.

What is a controlled environment?

A controlled environment is one in which the teacher has been present at all times during the completion of the student's work.

Who is the certificate recognised by?

This certificate is recognised by major IT companies and Stranmillis University College.

Contact Details

for certification process and Aspire Training NI

Make Code Work 4 U
Aspire Training
182-188 Cambrai Street
BT13 3JH
Telephone: 028 9035 6600

USEL BACS details for Aspire Training 'Make Code Work 4 U' certificate payments

Name: USEL
Sort Code: 95 01 45
Account Number: 11034073

for other queries

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