Try the quiz for BETT 2017! Answer these questions and win a Go Berserk resource.


  1. What does HTML stand for?
    A. Hi-level Text Multiprocessor Language
    B. Hypo-tool Malleable Language
    C. Hypertext Markup Language
    D. How Typically Mixed-Up Language

  2. What is Mystery Meat Navigation?
    A. driving somewhere after a bad meal
    B. pet food that no-one can identify
    C. links on a web page that aren't clearly labelled
    D. all of the above

  3. Where was the inventor of CSS born?
    A. Belgium
    B. Norway
    C. U.S.A.
    D. they haven't been yet

  4. When was the first email sent?
    A. 1961
    B. 1971
    C. 1981
    D. 1991

  5. What was the first word sent on the Internet?
    A. Start
    B. Berserk
    C. Hello
    D. Lo

  6. Who invented Google buns?
    A. Sergey Brin
    B. Mark Zuckerberg
    C. Bill Gates
    D. Enid Blyton

  7. What was the original name for Google?
    A. Googol
    B. Backrub
    C. Google
    D. Mocha

  8. What does <b> do in HTML code?
    A. adds a new line
    B. makes something bold
    C. puts something in italics
    D. moves text

  9. What sent the first email from space?
    A. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin
    B. Tim Peake and Yuri Malenchenko
    C. Valentina Tereshkova and Irina Solovyova
    D. Shannon Lucid and James C. Adamson

  10. What nationality was the first person to surf the WWW?
    A. Belgian
    B. American
    C. British
    D. Russian

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